Juxtaposing the melodic blitz of the Ronnettes with the dark-wave, melancholic pathos of predecessors Echo and the Bunnymen, adding splashes of Morricone's cinematic modern operas, London Plane (named after the tough yet ghostly pale New York City street tree) redefines the landscape of New York's underground indie-rock music scene. Rooted in the moment, the band gives no inward looks. Songs tear through their arrangements ("getting on with it" as described by RockNerd UK), easily shifting dynamics from quiet to quick, low to loud, ever brief and danceable.



Upcoming Shows

  • October 19
  • The Bowery Electric - NYC - 9:30pm
  • November 3
  • Berlin - NYC - 9:30pm


The ghost of Blondie and Grace Jones can be heard in single "Parting Days", where the dark arrangements complement the sophisticated and warm vocals of lead singer, CiCi James.
The Deli

London Plane - a five-piece Goth-pop, synth-witch band that take you back to times when bands like Bauhaus, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, and Blondie where all the rage. Their sound wraps around your head, almost creating a thick fog of music that makes you want to sway your body and try to understand the world all at once.
BTR Today

I've listened to London Plane's EP several times a day since it's release. It's fuckin' great. The music has a nice, dreamy, new-wave synth feel to it, harkening back to some of the underground sounds of the 80s, without feeling self indulgent or nostalgic. It helps that, every once in a while, Cici's vocal performance sounds just like Alison Mosshart.
Analog Revolution

In the style of the melodic new wave power pop of the late '70s. The songs are very straightforward and get on with it. If you liked album-track Blondie ("It's Not Over Any More" oh my goodness), you'll like this.
Rock Nerd UK


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